Caroline is a painter and a printmaker, who relishes discovering new ways of bringing her art to life.
She enjoys experimenting with a variety of printmaking techniques to produce original and unique pieces of work.
Experimental printmaking is based on relief printing, primarily using MDF wood, inked with oil-based ink and printed through a hand-wound press.
Caroline also uses intaglio processes alongside the relief work and enjoys incorporating photographs using solar printmaking techniques: often combining more than one technique in a final composition. Caroline especially enjoys the challenge of adding a paint-like quality to her printmaking and finding unique ways of framing and displaying the final pieces.
Caroline’s prints and paintings express herself: often reflecting thoughts and emotions, and connections to places and personal experiences. Her art may depict an object found on a walk, a sensory experience, local environments inhabited, architectural themes, and often incorporate landscapes.
Caroline lives and travels between Auckland and Cambridge. Caroline tutors Experimental Printmaking’ classes at Waikato Society of Arts in Hamilton. Caroline also works for a range of businesses through her company Copper Mesh Ltd, including an architectural practice in Eden Tce, Auckland where she holds the role of Practice Manager.
Caroline has a New Zealand Diploma in Architectural Technology from Wintec, a degree in Zoology (with Honours) from the University of Otago and has completed an Advanced Contemporary Art’ project (a 4 th year Visual Arts paper at Wintec, Waikato).

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